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Our Technology

CentreLearn brings together proven technology and innovative features you can rely on to make your job easier. The CentreLearn Learning Management System delivers a consistent, trackable and high-quality learning experience to your users while giving you the flexibility and security you demand.

Quick and Easy Setup
We can have your LMS up and running the same day you load people into the system. Educational programs that we provide are ready to go. And we can turn your educational programs into Web based curricula in as little as 24 hours.

Makes Building Online Lesson Plans Easy
Building online lesson plans is a snap with step-by-step wizards that make it simple to assemble educational curricula and visually organize the learning sequence. You can reuse and reassemble your materials for different audiences as much as you like. There’s never a need to reload content into the system for delivery to different groups of learners. You'll enjoy complete control over how, when, and to whom your content is released. And if instructors or administrators need guidance, live help is only a phone call away.

Comply with Local Protocols with Totally Customizable Content
The CentreLearn LMS lets you edit, store and publish a wide variety of materials with maximum ease and flexibility. This includes the ability to add your own content to any of the materials in our library, or even modify existing audio slideshow lectures or supporting documents to ensure that all material we make available to you complies with local protocols. At any time, you have full control to block, remove, or replace any lesson or any component of any lesson that is made available in the learning management system.

Upload Virtually Any File Format
All online lessons can include a wide variety of content sources including Flash presentations, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents, QuickTime, text documents, scanned images, PDF file and many more.

Meets SCORM, AICC and Section 508 Accessibility Requirements
The LMS supports SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, AICC, and Section 508 standards for online education programs, Learning Management Systems and Accessibility Requirements

Easily Conduct Surveys and Research
To facilitate user base research and information gathering, your department can build online surveys to gather information from your staff and members and then analyze the results online. The LMS has a survey design tool that provides instructors and administrators with the ability to create closed-ended (including Likert scales) and open-ended questions for online surveys. The system distributes the survey and gathers responses from any user you choose to send it to. This is useful for polling purposes, instructor or course evaluations, and user needs assessments. Survey summary results are recorded and can be analyzed within the system through the built in report generating functions. Any summary report can be printed out.

Testing & Knowledge Assessment Tools
The system comes with tests and test question banks for every lesson we provide. These tests can be modified to meet your needs, or question banks can be reassembled into new tests. Your department can also build its own online test question banks and quizzes with randomly drawn question sets.

Online Knowledge Assessments are Easy to Build with the Build Content Tab
This area includes all of the tools necessary to create and organize tests including: building and modifying question banks, designing test delivery templates, and building interactive knowledge assessment scenarios. Test question formats may consist of multiple choice, true/false, matching, ordering, or multiple correct answers. Instructors can add graphic images to questions and response options. A test can be constructed from any number of question banks each dealing with a different topic. For each testing event, questions can be randomly drawn from each bank and randomization of answer blocks is also permitted. The system also allows the instructor to set the time allowed for taking a quiz, passing score, number of attempts allowed, and what feedback to provide after submitting a quiz for grading. Instructors also have the option to only give the test score as feedback as a security measure to discourage copying of completed and graded tests. Grade feedback to the user is immediate upon submission of a completed quiz and includes the average score received by others taking the quiz as well as scores for individual questions.

Branched Logic Tools
CentreLearn provides a branched-logic lesson-building tool to build case based scenario protocol training and testing programs. The tool allows the instructor, working from a scenario storyboard created offline, to design the learning and feedback pathways of the lesson, and to add any form of content including graphic images, full motion video clips, documents, and more.

Data Management, Reporting and Compliance Tracking Systems
CentreLearn 6.2 reporting engine allows for sophisticated, on-demand report creation through an intuitive wizard that guides you through the process of report generation. Choose what you want to track (content items, learning objects, folders, curricula, evaluations, surveys, discussion participation or certificates earned) and how to measure it (by individual, group and/or enterprise learning progress and compliance). You can choose from Web reports, printable charts, or export data directly to an Excel spreadsheet, making it easy to transfer data into your department’s training records system.

Reports can be set up to cover a single curriculum or multiple curricula. Reports can be narrowed down to show results for any particular user or group of users. Reports can be generated to also show any user attribute that has been entered into the system such as a license number, expiration date, ID number, date of birth, etc. Reports can be time limited by day, month, week, year, or date span. A full set of charts can be automatically produced to illustrate results including a variety of 2- and 3-dimensional columns, bars or line charts and different color schemes.

Administrators can set up Team Leaders or Instructor reporting privileges to decentralize the reporting of user progress throughout your organization or jurisdiction. You can assign any number of administrative Team Leaders or Instructors. Each will be able to run the reports and charts described above; however, they will only have access to the information for their own teams or classes.

Reports can be set up to run automatically. Once set, a report can be stored and automatically sent to the administrator, instructor or team leader via email on a regular schedule set by the user.

Administrators also enjoy custom reports on demand: At no additional charge and whenever necessary during normal business hours, an administrator can request a custom report that covers any data element stored in the data base. The request can be handled by phone, fax or email. Custom reports are usually generated either the same or next business day. Custom reports can also be automated for automatic delivery.

Compliance and Certification Tracking
Our exclusive Compliance Guard™ module facilitates automated tracking and reporting of certification and educational requirement status for any position. Administrators can create any number of compliance criteria for any number of job functions in the organization. The system automatically notifies or permit user query of any actual or soon to occur compliance violation.

Compliance Guard allows administrators to enter learning or task performance rules into the compliance tracking system and automatically report compliance and/or exceptions to task completion. This can be useful for issuing deadlines for completing online education programs or attending classroom educational events.

The system also allows for Education Gap Analysis, where the administrator can establish educational requirements for any position and the system will provide manual or automated up to the minute status reports of what has been completed and what still needs to be completed.

Learn more about Compliance Guard by clicking here.

Communication and Collaboration Capabilities
Your department can run discussion boards for the entire organization or for any number of subgroups. By clicking on the Discuss tab, the user will have access to any discussion groups set up for the organization, a particular group, or even a particular curriculum when discussion is set up by an instructor.

Private Announcements
Your administrators and instructors can distribute private announcements to specific organizational or training class groups. When a user signs onto the system they will immediately see a list of announcements that have been directed to them by their group manager(s) or instructors. Group and class announcements are not seen by non-members of a group.

Access to External Email
Built in access to external e-mail messaging allows you to send individual or group e-mail to the entire organization, or any predefined group. Administrators, instructors, and users can use the e-mail function to send email to other users. The examples below show screenshots of a individual or group-wide email portal. Users can also send e-mail to any administrative staff members.

Document Management
A built in document management and file server system allows transfer of files organization-wide or within groups. Files can be uploaded and downloaded into folders set up by administrators and instructors. Upload privileges can be restricted for any folder. The system also permits the exchange of files privately through exchange boxes suitable for classes that require students to exchange assignment files privately with an instructor.

Electronic Calendars
CentreLearn LMS has a robust electronic calendar and scheduling system that integrates course registration information, classroom information web conferencing, general organizational scheduling and personal calendar needs.

MY NEWS - Up to the Minute Industry News Feeds
Every user has access to hundreds of up to the minute news reports from across the emergency services and health care industries. Users select their news interest areas and easily stay up to date at the click of a button. Administrators and Instructors have special privileges and can select any news item they review and easily save it to a library archive or import it into an educational curriculum.

Automated Self-Help for Users
All users will have access to an extensive built in self help “How Do I…?” wizard function that provides the user with step by step solutions to the majority of functions they are likely to perform in the system. The wizard functions available change automatically to fit the needs of the authority level the user has in the system.

Friendly, Knowledgeable Live Support
Our help desk staff has extensive experience providing user technical support. Throughout the year, access to technical support is available 24/7/365. Live toll-free dial-in support is available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Standard and Daylight time Monday through Friday for any system user. After-hours, weekend, and holiday calls will be answered and emergent issues will be addressed immediately (non-emergent requests are addressed the following business morning).

The LMS also has built-in tools that provide a pathway for users to create and deliver written help desk requests. All help requests are added to a help request knowledgebase for the benefit of others who can query the knowledgebase to find answers to specific questions.

The LMS contains an automated lost password solution when needed during the login process. This solution does require the user to have an active email account to which the system will deliver a temporary user password.

User-Customizable Profiles
At the option of your administrator, each user can be allowed to construct and display a simple homepage that contains the type of information shown below. From their Profile area, users can upload a picture and text information they wish to display about themselves to other users of the system. This is particularly useful to identify and improve communication with system administrators and officers, or members of special teams.

Course Registration System
The CentreLearn Course Registration System allows for the centralized management of online, face-to-face and blended-learning courses all within the Online CentreLearn system. Users can search for courses by keyword, category, description, distance from their location, type of training, or start date.

Automated Registration Form / "Wet Signature" generation
Should any of your courses require a “wet signature” or hard copy registration form in addition to the electronic registration, CentreLearn allows for customized registration forms which can be required prior to registration authorization. These forms can be populated with Adobe Acrobat fields and will be automatically filled in when downloaded by the user. In the screenshot below, the registration form has been pre-populated with her profile information, as well as information about the course and detailed instructions for submitting. This automatic population functionality can greatly reduce staff overhead by reducing errors in omission or data entry by the user.

As users request entry into a course, be it online, face-to-face or blended, instructors, managers or administrators will be notified about the requests which can all be managed in the CentreLearn Course Registration system. Administrators can allow for waitlists of specific limits, and manage those lists through a simple interface. The screenshot below shows a pending registration request, and administrators can easily approve or deny the request, view all profile or historical course data, or communicate directly with the applicant should further information be required.

Gradebook-Managed Records
The CentreLearn Gradebook facilitates complete control over any aspect of course record-keeping and student performance, either online or offline, using a laptop or handheld device. Instructors can define grade component items and create their own grading scales, providing flexibility to track everything from basic Pass/Fail, to offline exam grades, to skill performance. Course gradebooks can be downloaded to MS Excel on your laptop, filled in while out in the field, and then be uploaded back in the CentreLearn system whenever convenient. The screenshot below shows the gradebook for a WMD Radiological/Nuclear Awareness course which has columns for attendance, skills proficiency and final grade. The system can be set to automatically calculate the final grade based on your custom grading scales. Final status can be calculated or manually overridden.

Network with other CentreLearn Clients
CentreLearn Complete service level customers can network their content library with the content libraries of other CentreLearn clients willing to engage in such. Given our growing client base, the opportunity exists for curriculum development sharing with many other departments.