Tim Phalen in collaboration with Pat Brandt, a leading expert in the use of capnography, brings us this capnography training program. Through interactive online sessions, users experience a highly visual, stimulating 5-part course in the use of capnography, capnography waveform interpretation, and clinical decision making using capnography assessment, and practical application through case studies in the intubated and non-intubated patient. Whether you are new to capnography or in need of a review, this course will reinforce and expand your knowledge. After completing the course and the final exam, eligible participants are entitled to 5 hours of EMS or nursing continuing education credit.

Students experience a highly interactive environment and administrators have access to extensive tools with which they can manage course enrollment and monitor progress.


Course Overview

The full course includes 5 parts and a final exam:

  • Introduction to Capnography
    The introduction defines capnography and its clinical uses. It also goes over the equipment used to measure capnography.

  • Waveform Interpretation
    The section identifies different phases and types of capnography waveforms. It also includes waveform interpretation practice.

  • Basic Management and Clinical Decision Making
    This section includes modules on the use of capnography for patient management of the intubated and non-intubated patient.

  • Case Studies in the Intubated Patient
    Confidence in the use of capnography requires practice. This section provides five case studies with actual capnography waveforms obtained from capnography monitoring of intubated patients.
  • Case Studies in the Non-Intubated Patient
    This section provides six case studies with actual capnography waveforms obtained from capnography monitoring of non-intubated patients.

Continuing Education Information

EMTs and Paramedics - 5 hours of approved CE credit from CECBEMS.

Capnography Made Easy is distributed via the Internet by CentreLearn Solutions, LLC in cooperation with the Department of Emergency Health Services, University of Maryland Baltimore County - an organization accredited by the Continuing Education Coordination Board for Emergency Medical Services (CECBEMS). The course is approved by CECBEMS for 5 hours of Advanced Level continuing education credit. CECBEMS represents only that its accredited programs have met CECBEMS's standards for accreditation. These standards require sound educational offerings determined by a review of its objectives, teaching plan, faculty, and program evaluation processes. CECBEMS does not endorse or support the actual teachings, opinions or material content as presented by the speaker(s) and/or sponsoring organization. CECBEMS accreditation does not represent that the content conforms to any national, state or local standard or best practice of any nature. No student shall have any cause of action against CECBEMS based on the accreditation of the material.


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